Why are chemical products not good for you?

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After World War II, chemical synthesis of products from oil was spread around the world rapidly. What you are likely to imagine is clothing which is made by viscose rayon or nylon. Now, a huge amount of chemicals are used for skincare and cosmetic products because petroleum-based compounds are cheap and mass-produced. Also, lots of artificial food additives, fertilizers and agrochemicals use chemicals. The use of chemical products may cause dermatitis, allergies and some kinds of cancer. Compared to the past, the number of people who have allergies or dermatitis appears to have increased. This is also shown in the data too. The number of cancer patients has increased a thousand times more than 100 years ago.

New chemical products are being developed every day and new components are used in cosmetics, skin care products and body care products. However, you have to wait more than 10 years to validate their safety. There are many cases where chemicals developed a long time ago, which were used in large doses, were found to have health risks and became prohibited to use in products. Chemicals are made artificially and many components do not exist in nature. It may cause problems for your body if you take these unnatural products.